about us

about us

A warm welcome to RFL Group. Over the years, we have taken some opportunities to sharpen ourselves as the most diversified and consumer focused business in the country. Currently we are proudly holding a leading place in the Bangladesh PVC and ,Plastic industry. Today, our plastic products get widely merchandized into renowned retails over 40 countries around the world. We are trying to share our evolved industrial knowledge of 37 years to the other sectors of our conglomerate, which holds significant potentials to grow forth.

RFL Group started manufacturing cables in January 2014 at Hobigonj, Bangladesh. Both household and Industrial cables are manufactured with the world-class European state-of-the-art technology. Simultaneously, we are producing and marketing Home Wiring cable, PVC/XLPE LT cable, Communication/Instrumentation cable, Alurninum Overhead Conductor, 8 mm copper rod, super enamel wire and some rages in HT category branded as “Bizli” (means thunderbolt in Bengali). Other cables like Fiber optics, Bus- Bar and some special purpose cables are in the process cue of a sizable production.

Our production plant is fully integrated with 100% Cathode base furnace for 99.99% conductivity primary wire, drawing machine and uPVC extrusion. We are extremely strict to achieve top quality and standard in terms of thickness, copper & aluminum conductivity and insulation Jacket.

We proudly consider ourselves unique in the fields of sales, distribution and marketing of Bangladesh.

Over 500 educated and well-trained sales persons are always ready to deliver readymade or customized products powered by highly coordinated transportation network with 200 vehicles and 110 outlets around the country.

In order to educate the local electricians, our well-qualified engineers are regularly conducting various training pogroms focused on cable selection, handling, and joint and safety measures. Because we always believe in providing a total cable solution that ensures all-time safe connectivity and prompt conductivity.

Thank you for your continued patronage for RFL products.